Pinball Madness - Machines for sale

Pinball machines for sale

All machines for sale have been fully refurbished. They've been completely stripped down and deep cleaned. All faults have been addressed, new rubbers have been fitted and the ramps and subways have been polished so are crystal clear.

Many of the pinballs I sell have been fitted with energy saving, high-quality LEDs in the general illumination, inserts and controlled lamps. I also install the latest or best software to ensure the optimum playing experience.

When you buy a machine from me it will be fully working and will come with a guarantee*. I can provide photos of the refurbishment process for every machine I sell – not everyone can do that!

I never use library pictures or video – all pictures and videos you see are of the actual machines I have for sale. They are all ready to be taken away immediately or delivered for free within 50 miles of BS22 8NN.

Please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in.

Grand Prix (2005)

Motor racing themed game based on the Formula 1 series. It is in superb condition for it age and it has been fully stripped and refurbished, as all my machines are prior to sale.

Multiball (main) starts at 1:30; still pictures at 2:52.

It is a superb example with playfield and cabinet in exceptional condition and way above average.

It has all new rubbers, balls and colour coded metalwork. It has also had a full LED conversion to the controlled lamps and General Illumination.

It has lots to do with many modes to complete and a number of multiball modes too; a really great fast and fun game and highly enjoyable to play. This is one of the best car-themed games and will not disappoint in condition or game-play.

Red & Ted's Roadshow (1994)

This is another fully refurbished machine. All the lighting and bulbs have been upgraded to LEDs, all new rubbers are fitted, the flipper mechanisms have been rebuilt and all ramps and plastics have been cleaned and flame-polished for that 'like new' look.

Obviously it has no faults or errors and plays just as it should.

Unbelievable play-field condition on this one! NO wear from the kick-out around the fish at all which is VERY RARE. The display is perfect and the factory-fitted shaker-motor is fitted and working.

This is a game with a lot to do and many modes complete plus various multiball modes too as you work your way across the USA.

Multiball starts at 2.08.

Theatre of Magic (1995)

Fully-refurbished, this machine plays and functions perfectly. This pinball is one of the rare machines to sit in the 'top 10 best pinballs ever' for nearly 20 years!

It is a really fun and flowing game with many unique features like a rotating trunk that catches the ball, Hocus Pocus magic ball save and a trap-door where the ball re-appears from.

Among the the work done it has ALL new rubbers, trunk cover, trap-door plate and decal, trunk magnet plate decal and LEDs have been fitted to the controlled lamps. General illumination and most flashers are also upgraded to LED too. The coin-door has been resprayed, the ramps and plastics are all flame-polished, flippers have been rebuilt and a remote battery holder and new batteries are fitted. There is even a genuine key fob too!

The playfield and cabinet are both in great shape with minimal wear or marks for their age and are way above average for this title.

General gameplay from 0:09; multiball from 2:48; still pictures from 4:01.

Machines for sale awaiting refurbishment or bespoke requests

I can fully-refurbish any of the below machines for you. This usually takes around 2-6 weeks depending on the amount of work needed.

I can accommodate bespoke requests such as colour screens, sound card/speaker upgrades, or non-standard playfield extras.

A deposit is required to secure a machine, plus the cost of any requested extras. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Occasionally I sell machines un-refurbished so please contact me if you see a title you'd like to repair and refurbish yourself.

Black Knight 2000 (1989)

Bride of Pinbot (1990)

Fully reconditioned cabinet with new decals.

Fish Tales (1992)

Frankenstein (1995)

Indiana Jones (1993)

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

No Good Gofers (1997)

Popeye (1994)

Terminator 2 (1991)

Theatre of Magic (1995)

* 14 days return to base parts AND labour warranty. This covers ALL major mechanical items and circuit board failures that might make the machine inoperable or not playable, unlike most other retailers!
Warranty does not cover: machines sold below the price offered in my current price list (please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in); machines sold for less than £1999; machines for commercial use; machines manufactured in, or before, 1990 or machines without dot-matrix type screen. It also does not cover consumable items such as rubbers, bulbs, accidental or malicious use. Normal travel charges will apply if a site visit is required.