Pinball Madness - Machines for sale

Pinball machines for sale

All machines for sale have been fully refurbished. They've been completely stripped down and deep cleaned. All faults have been addressed, new rubbers have been fitted and the ramps and subways have been polished so are crystal clear.

Many of the pinballs I sell have been fitted with energy saving, high-quality LEDs in the general illumination, inserts and controlled lamps. I also install the latest or best software to ensure the optimum playing experience.

When you buy a machine from me it will be fully working and will come with a guarantee*. I can provide photos of the refurbishment process for every machine I sell – not everyone can do that!

I never use library pictures or video – all pictures and videos you see are of the actual machines I have for sale. They are all ready to be taken away immediately or delivered for free within 50 miles of BS22 8NN.

Please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in.

Addams Family (1991)

The machine that everyone remembers and must the most desirable machine to have in any collection.

This example has been fully stripped down and refurbished with LEDs fitted throughout, rebuilt flipper mechanisms, all new rubbers, flame-polished ramp and plastics and new apron decals.

The cloud topper in great shape and Gold software has been fitted for an enhanced game experience. Watch Thing's hand take the ball and defeat the Power as it takes control of your game!

This machine plays just as it should with no faults or errors and surely will not disappoint it new owner.

Game start 0:00; multiball from 1:08; still pictures from 3:58

Batman Dark Knight (2008)

A beautiful example of this pinball machine based on the Batman movie series. It has been fitted throughout with high quality LEDs and the cabinet is in fantastic condition as is the play-field.

It is currently fitted with a standard DMD screen though the video shows it being filmed by its previous owner when a colour screen was fitted. If you would like one fitted back in the machine it would cost +£400.

It comes fully serviced with no faults.

Multiball starts from 3:08; still pictures from 4:38.

CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) (2009)

A very rarely available machine in this country! Based on the hit TV series of the same name, this machine is in perfect condition and has been meticulously looked after and cherished by its previous owner.

It comes already fitted with the highest quality LEDs from Comet in the USA. There are no marks on the cabinet; it has been serviced and thoroughly checked over and new rubbers have recently been fitted.

It plays flawlessly and is ready to plug in and play immediately in your games room.

Video overview & gameplay 0:00; multiball from 2:39; still pictures from 4:15.

Revenge from Mars (1999)

Save earth from the martian invasion! A beautiful example with a near perfect cabinet, this game incorporates video along with a normal pinball machine.

It plays perfectly and is in great condition for this title and also has the additional LED saucer modification to enhance the look of the playfield, along with lots of multiball modes.

It's a great family game and rare to find in such good condition. It is fully serviced and fault free of course.

Riverboat Gambler (1990)

This is a lovely fully-working example of a really fun pinball machine.

It's themed on a Mississippi paddle steamer casino and is a real pleasure to play and with its great sounds and music. Collect chips to gamble with and play poker, black jack, and roulette! Hit a winning streak for a 2-ball multiball!

The machine has been fully stripped down, fully refurbished with all new rubbers, rebuilt flipper mechanisms, LED's fitted to the play-field and all plastics have been flame polished for that crystal clear 'like new' look.

A lovely pinball and great value.

Video overview & gameplay 0:00; still pictures from 2:38.

Shrek (2008)

A simply cracking example of this rarely available pinball machine. Donkey Mini Pinball 0:48; Dragon and main multiball from 1:55; Still pictures from 4:03 (see close ups of the machine and strip-down work).

A real gem of a game that has all the quotes and characters from the films. The Donkey mini pinball table is a great feature along with multiple multi-ball modes and challenges to complete. The game was and designed by Pat Lawler who also brought us Addams family and Twilight Zone, so you're in safe hands with this pinball.

You can also install Family Guy software on this table (its the same layout) so it's two games in one! If you wanted to swap it over in the future, see here, where I have done this on a previous machine.

I have completely refurbished this machine; fitted new rubbers and flippers mechanisms; LEDs have been fitted to all lighting and I have flame-polished all the plastics and ramps. It plays flawlessly.

Star Wars (1992)

An absolutely fantastic pinball machine, specially if you are looking for a Star Wars themed pinball! This has to be the best one to own from the classic 90s era. Shoot the Death Star to get to multiball!

This one is fitted with PINSOUND and upgraded speakers which is an awesome upgrade to the original. This provides full stereo and must be heard to really appreciate what a difference it makes!

The most up to date software has been installed which improves the gameplay enormously over the standard code. LEDs have been fitted throughout as have Cliffy hole protectors and a new R2D2 toy.

This machine has no faults or errors and is a lovely example - it will not disappoint its new owner.

Video overview & gameplay 0:00; multiball from 0:46; still pictures from 2:40.

Machines for sale awaiting refurbishment

You can buy the following machines as they are, or I can fully refurbish them for you which takes from 1-4 weeks. A deposit is required to secure a machine.

Bride of Pinbot (1990)

Fully reconditioned cabinet with new decals.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1992)

Dungeons & Dragons (1987)

Fish Tales (1992)

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Red & Ted's Road Show (1994)

Terminator 2 (1991)

* 14 days return to base parts AND labour warranty. This covers ALL major mechanical items and circuit board failures that might make the machine inoperable or not playable, unlike most other retailers!
Warranty does not cover: machines sold below the price offered in my current price list (please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in); machines sold for less than £1999; machines manufactured in, or before, 1990 or machines without dot-matrix type screen. It also does not cover consumable items such as rubbers, bulbs, accidental or malicious use. Normal travel charges will apply if a site visit is required.