Pinball Madness - The League

Pinball Madness: The League

As part of my on-going support of the pinball community I will be holding Meet 6 of the South West Pinball League on Sunday 28/07/19, here at Pinball Madness.

Practice starts at 12:00 midday and the competition itself at 14:00. Spaces are limited so please contact the area coordinator Helmut here if you would like to attend.

More details on the UK Pinball League website.

The cost is just £5 for the whole afternoon's entertainment! I look forward to seeing you all then. Drinks and nibbles will be provided free of charge during the meet.


Meet dates

Meet 1 - Sunday 8th March 2015
Meet 2 - Sunday 26th April 2015
Meet 3 - Sunday 31st May 2015
Meet 4 - Sunday 21st June 2015
Meet 5 - Sunday 9th August 2015
Meet 6 - Sunday 6th September 2015

League Final - Sunday 11th October 2015

Meet rules

• A season consists of six league meets plus one League Final meet in October (normal season January to October).

• All meets have a £5 entry fee, including the League Final. Entry for juniors (under 14) is £4.

• Doors open at 12:00 and not before. No access will be given to the machines before then. If you arrive earlier I will rope you into preparations - you have been warned!

• Practice starts at 12:00 and league play starts at 13:30. Expected finish is 18:00.

WPPR points are available for the season, including the finals. Depending on attendance the season might be split in two making a season worth around 40-50 WPPR points. If no split takes place 25+ WPPR points will be available as all leagues have been up to January 1st.

• Trophies for adults will be awarded at the end of the League Final for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

• A trophy will be awarded to the highest placed junior (whether they make the League Final or not). If a junior reaches the League Final they will still receive their award at the end of the 6th league meet, as well as the chance to progress through the to finals, so I positively encourage our younger players to attend.

• Seven machines will be picked (subject to change) at random at the start of each league meet. Machines used at the previous meet will be put in a hat and three of these machines will be picked out at the start of meet by competitors. These machines will not be used in the meet. The remaining four machines will be put into the main machine draw to be picked at random at the start of the meet. This ensures a good variety of machines at each meet.

• All games will be 4-ball except for EM games which will be 5-ball.

• Each meet will be worth 30 league points (30 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 30th place). A league table will be available for everyone to view.

• All games should be played as single player games, or possibly in pairs, to speed things up. It will also prevent hold-ups and aid access around the machines. No three or four player games will be allowed.

• Any machine issues or failures such as stuck balls, etc, will be dealt with at the time. If a quick fix is possible then it will continue to be used. If no fix is possible then it will either be substituted or dropped from the meet completely depending on the situation and timing of the failure. Any machine that completely fails before the 3rd round games are completed will be dropped from the meet and substituted with another machine, if available, chosen at random. If the machine fails after the 3rd round it will be dropped completely from the results. The decision of the host is final and no conjecture will be entered in to. But I will endeavour to be fair in all cases.

• All scores must be confirmed, recorded and countersigned by another player using the score sheets kept below the machines. If this isn't done you will lose your score on that machine.

• ANY deliberate machine abuse over and above normal play will result in possible disqualification from that meet. If this happens twice during the season scores for that player will be voided for the entire season, including the finals. The player will be able to enter the next season, but with a 'one strike and you’re out' policy. I do not expect to have to use this rule but will not tolerate malicious machine abuse and the resulting possible repairs (the host is exempt from this rule, as league organiser, repairer and owner of all the machines!).

League Final rules

• All fully functional machines will be available at the League Final (up to a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 6).

• The League Final format will match the PAPA Tournament Circuit Final format.

• In the League Final the four lowest-seeded players play a single game, i.e. 16th, 15th, 14th and 13th. The highest-seeded player has choice of machine but plays first, as taken from the finishing position of the main league. At the end of the game the player with the lowest score is eliminated and is replaced by the next highest seed for the next round, i.e. the 12th seed enters the second round. This method is repeated until only four players remain.

• When a game finishes the order of the three surviving players determines the first three playing positions in the next round: the winner plays 3rd; second place plays 2nd and third place plays 1st.

• Each player will have the opportunity of up to a minute of practice time before starting a game if they have not yet played that machine. This is to ensure that new players have a chance to get familiar with the machine. Games in this first phase will be set on 3-balls where possible. Choice of machine proceeds through the remaining players in descending order of seeding. The same machine cannot be played in consecutive rounds.

• When there are only four players remaining the grand final begins. The four remaining players play four 4-player games. Each player has a choice of machine and playing position for one game. The order of games is decided from the overall league positions with highest having 1st choice and so on.

• Scoring for each game in the grand final is as follows:
1st Place - 5 points
2nd Place - 3 points
3rd Place - 2 point
4th Place - 1 points

• Games in the grand final will be set on 4-balls. In the event of any tied score situation, one game will be played on a machine chosen by random selection.

General information

• Hot and cold drinks will be provided for free but there will be NO food. Please make sure you bring something with you if you want to eat during the league meet.

• Absolutely NO smoking inside the house, shed or garage between 12:00 until the final league game of the day is played. This includes vaporisers which I consider in the same bracket as cigarettes. I am a smoker myself but this rule is for the benefit of everybody attending.

• Please park with due consideration to my neighbours and under no circumstances block any driveways