Pinball Madness - Machines for sale

Pinball machines for sale

All machines for sale have been fully refurbished. They've been completely stripped down and deep cleaned. All faults have been addressed, new rubbers have been fitted and the ramps and subways have been polished so are crystal clear.

Many of the pinballs I sell have been fitted with energy saving, high-quality LEDs in the general illumination, inserts and controlled lamps. I also install the latest or best software to ensure the optimum playing experience.

When you buy a machine from me it will be fully working and will come with a guarantee*. I can provide photos of the refurbishment process for every machine I sell – not everyone can do that!

I never use library pictures or video – all pictures and videos you see are of the actual machines I have for sale. They are all ready to be taken away immediately or delivered for free within 125 miles of BS22 8NN.

Please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (1992)

Full photo and video file here.

This is pinball at its best! One of the most enjoyable pinballs ever made, with great music including Summertime Blues and Red River Rock by Johnny and the Hurricanes, and a classic 1950s drive-in movie theme. It has just undergone a comprehensive deep clean, strip-down, wax and full refurbishment.

All new rubbers fitted; flippers rebuilt; all controlled lamps and all general illumination now fitted with high-quality LEDs. All ramps and plastics have been flame polished and are crystal clear. The hologram is fully functional of course.

It plays beautifully without faults or errors. This is a rare chance to own this highly sought after pinball that's also in superb overall condition and the cabinet is exceptional for its age and originality - way above average.

Family Guy (2007)

Full photo and video file here.

A must-have pinball machine for any fan of the TV series. With great music, quotes and many Family Guy TV characters during game play, many modes and features.

Pop-up post ball save feature between the flippers, a beer can to shoot at, and of course Stewie’s mini upper-playfield, with its own small pinball and flippers.

It's had a full strip-down, clean and refurbishment to both playfields; all new rubbers; LEDs to be fitted throughout; all flipper mechanisms rebuilt; plastics and ramps flame-polished, etc.

The cabinet is in superb condition for its age and well above average and is a top example of title.

Fire Mountain (1980)

Full photo and video file here.

This classic alpha-numeric pinball machine is a genuine joy to play, especially if you’re looking for an affordable machine that will give hours of enjoyment.

It is one of my personal favorites from this era. It has a lovely playfield with no wear which is unusual for a machine that is nearly 40 years old!

It has just had six brand new displays fitted, so no problems or expensive replacements needed there for many years to come. It will be fully serviced and brand new rubbers will be fitted prior to any sale. I have a better replacement backglass that will come with the machine, but not shown in the video, and obviously it is in full working order as all my machines are when sold.

Obviously there are signs of use over the past 40 years, which is to be expected of course.

NO warranty with this machine due to age so please come and play it to see how enjoyable it is.

The Flintstones (1994)

Full photo and video file here.

A fully family-friendly title that all ages can enjoy. Features speech provided by John Goodman, Rick Moranis and Harvey Korman reprising their respective roles, as well the theme song from the television series.

This game had a unique feature called smart ramps. In the middle of the playfield, there is a bowling alley with a few pins. If you shoot the ramp with the bowling light flashing in front of it you will start a bowling sequence where you may get strikes. There are four modes in this game, with a Mystery Mode for completing them. Start a mode by completing 1-2-3 on the ramps.

This machine has been fully refurbished to the highest standard, and has been fully upgraded with high quality LEDs throughout. It has undergone a playfield strip-down with all new rubbers fitted and rebuilt flipper mechanisms; NEW R/H ramp; bowling decals; illuminated 'Dino' toy and ramp. It is in perfect working order - the cabinet is in top condition and the playfield is also in super condition with no signs of wear at all.

Indiana Jones (1993)

Full photo and video file here.

A fully refurbished example of this stone-cold classic pinball machine!

They do not come up for sale too often due to their popularity and almost never in this exceptional condition. The cabinet is also outstanding for this title, still with nice vibrant oranges.

It has had a full stripdown refurbishment including new powder-coated legs and wireforms in expensive metallic gold finish and a complete LED upgrade fitted at no additional charge!

So many new parts have also been fitted - here are some highlights: completely rebuilt flipper mechanisms, including coils; all new rubbers and flipper bats; remote battery holder; replacement screen; all new star posts; custom instruction cards; new gold leg bolts; latest software, and so on.

Monster Bash (1998)

Full photo and video file here.

This game features some Universal Monsters including The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy. The main goal of the game is to collect the instruments of the iconic horror characters and form the Monsters of Rock Band.

The table includes a Phantom Flip where players can let go of the flippers while this auto-play feature completes the shot.

This example has been a part of my personal collection for many years, and the game lives up to all the hype, which is rare! It has been meticulously maintained by myself throughout my long ownership.

It will have a full clean and service prior to sale, LEDs fitted and full rubber replacement. It has a superb original condition playfield, with no wear to the Drac track or the kick out hole – very rare for original. The cabinet is in good shape with just a few age related marks.

It is currently set up in a friend’s house, but can be played/viewed there if desired. It will be ready 7-10 days from when a deposit is received.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993)

Detailed restoration photo and video file here.

Completed machine photo and video file here.

An extraordinary STTNG pinball machine that I have refurbished to the highest level. It wants for NOTHING, having had almost every conceivable extra and improvement done during the refurbishment process.

Over 100 hours of labour spent to achieve this kind of finish. You just wont find a machine like this available from any other pinball seller - it's just stunning!

Colour screen, Pinsound audio and speakers, updated and improved playfield models, new backbox artwork, and so on. The total cost of these parts alone is well over of £2000! See full list at the end of the pictures in each file!

It was completed for a customer last year and is due in any day soon, and AVAILABLE NOW. He has now bought a further two machines from me and this is being used as part exchange on these machines. The machine will be fully serviced and tested prior to its lucky new owner taking delivery.

Machines for sale awaiting refurbishment or bespoke requests

I can fully-refurbish any of the below machines for you. This usually takes around 2-6 weeks depending on the amount of work needed.

I can accommodate bespoke requests such as colour screens, sound card/speaker upgrades, or non-standard playfield extras.

A deposit is required to secure a machine, plus the cost of any requested extras. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Occasionally I sell machines un-refurbished so please contact me if you see a title you'd like to repair and refurbish yourself.

Banzai Run (1988)

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993)

Photo and video file here.

Bride of Pinbot (1990)

Fully reconditioned cabinet with new decals.

Fish Tales (1992)

Frankenstein (1995)

Indiana Jones (1993)

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

* 14 days return to base parts AND labour warranty. This covers ALL major mechanical items and circuit board failures that might make the machine inoperable or not playable, unlike most other retailers!
Warranty does not cover: machines sold below the price offered in my current price list (please contact me for the price of the machine you are interested in); machines sold for less than £1999; machines for commercial use; machines manufactured in, or before, 1990 or machines without dot-matrix type screen. It also does not cover consumable items such as rubbers, bulbs, accidental or malicious use. Normal travel charges will apply if a site visit is required.

Please note that all the pinball machines I sell are previously owned items, they are ALL fully refurbished and fully working, and whilst I take great care to purchase high quality examples, they will have some signs of previous use to some degree or another, though I do pride myself on supplying the best condition and certainly the best value machines for any given title your money will buy!

Please arrange to view the machine you are interested in if you are in any doubt about condition, or just wish to play it prior to committing to any purchase of the machines I have ready for sale.